An appeal against South Oxfordshire District Council’s (SODC) decision to refuse outline planning permission for 60 new dwellings on land south of the High Street, Tetsworth has been dismissed. This decision follows a public inquiry at which Michelle Bolger presented evidence on behalf of SODC.

A key issue in the case concerned the impact of the proposal on the character and appearance of the area. Michelle’s evidence on this matter included a detailed account of the proposal’s harm to the development pattern of the village and the visual amenity of PRoW users.

The Inspector agreed with SODC’s landscape evidence on a number of matters and found overall that the proposal would be:

…significantly and demonstrably harmful to the character and appearance of the area, with particular harm to those undertaking recreation on the public rights of way network, to the outlook of local residents and would be out of keeping with the pattern of development in the village’.   

(Paragraph 96, Appeal Decision, Appeal Ref: APP/Q3115/W/3182192)

A copy of the full decision can be downloaded here